Aaron Carter, Cops Unable To Take Away His Guns Unless He’s Officially Deemed Mentally Unstable

Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter making sure his arsenal ain’t going no where … at least not yet, but that’s just for now because it depends  on authorities decision on his mental state to own firearms.

Aaron Carter has been erratic lately … friends and family have been so worried they’ve called police to do welfare checks.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ … until a court, board, commission, judge or other legal authority determines Aaron suffers from a mental illness or condition that causes him to be a danger to himself or others, he can keep his guns.

If this were to happen, we’re told Carter would possibly be asked to willingly hand over his weapons first, but then if he failed to comply … ATF could seize his collection.

Meanwhile,  the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. also confirmed that the Dept. is investigating the entire matter and dealing with Aaron’s family members who have expressed concern and even alarm.

Aaron earlier spoke with TMZ on Monday, he said that cops responded to a call Monday night and showed up at his home with the intent of taking him away on a 5150 psychiatric hold.

Carter says he warned deputies he had loaded weapons scattered around his home, but he also revealed to them and a mental evaluator he was not a danger to himself or others.

He claims he doesn’t know who sent the authorities to his house, but one thing he’s clear about — he’s not going to give up his guns because he says he fears for his safety.

Meanwhile, he remains locked and loaded, for the time being.

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