Blac Youngsta “Cut Up” New Mixtape

Blac Youngsta

Blac Youngsta have always been one of those most entertaining OGs in the big Hip Hop business. Blac Youngsta the Memphis resident beaome one of the most recognized rappers in his city and with a list of legends hailing from Grind City, Blac Youngsta has a lot to be thankful for. The man has a high sense of humour and definitely worth a follow on social media. His humour transcends memes and general foolery too, crossing over to his music with amusing ad-libs, creative wordplay and an out-of-the-ordinary look at street rap. Today, he returns with a trio of new songs as part of his Cut Up EP.

Youngsta finally got something for every rap fan on the new Mixtape. If you’re looking for hard-hitting flows, go straight to “Lay Down.” If you’re feeling more of a club banger, the title track is for you. What do you think of Blac Youngsta’s new work?


1. Cut Up
2. Court Tomorrow
3. Lay Down

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