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Ken Cuccinelli

Ken Cuccinelli Revised Statue of Liberty Poem Bashed By Historians

Annie Polland had an immediate thought after she heard Ken Cuccinelli version of the famous poem inscribed on the Statue of Liberty on Tuesday: Her sixth-grade students seemed to understand Emma Lazarus’s “The New Colossus” better than the head of the nation’s legal immigration system


Louisiana Walmart Shooting, Police Makes First Arrest

Police officers makes first arrest and are searching for another after reported shooting at a Louisiana Walmart on Aug. 6. Authorities stated that they received a phone call about an active shooter and arrived to the Baton Rouge location to find that shots were fired

Amazon Stock

The Amazon Stock Slide Signals Says Don’t Panic Just Yet

FAANG stock (AMZN) drew attention this morning after an SEC filing revealed CEO Jeff Bezos sold $2.8 billion worth of Amazon shares last week. AMZN has managed to wave off the news to test positive territory, trying to snap an eight-day losing streak. Despite

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Pantheon Rework Abilities Revealed In League Of Legends

Riot Games recently did a full reveal on the  rework for League of Legends’ Pantheon, a champion with a knack for war and a set of new abilities. A first look at The Unbreakable Spear was revealed recently with Riot’s latest video showing off his


Personal Best 5 Finance Books Everyone Should Own

With money we could certainly be better. Lets say you have your savings in good shape, your kid’s 529 on lock, and your accounts on retirement accounts handled, your mortgage figured out, diversified investments, and all that adult stuff in good shape, there’s always more