Chris Brown Taps Nicki Minaj & G-Eazy For “Wobble Up”

Chris Brown Taps Nicki Minaj & G-Eazy For "Wobble Up"

Clearly, Chris Brown is feeling good today. The singer has officially dropped a new single from his forthcoming Indigo project. Leaving no detail, Brown unveils the expected ritual upon “whipping it out,” before sweetening his cadence to prove he’s more than a single-minded hound. “You ain’t out here looking for love,” he sings, “you done had your heart broken and had enough.” Just because you can find love in the club, doesn’t mean you always have to” he continuous.

Nicki Minaj takes charge of the second verse, using a high-tempo flow laden with innuendo and coy euphemisms. “I went to the club and guess who I see,” she raps, in full Barb mode. “A motherfu*ka that be stuntin’ on me, I tote one of the macks and back the thing out, ain’t showing off my jewels but shots gon’ ring out.” Young Gerald raps up things with a final verse, explaining that should he be satisfied by your love, he may very well commit to buying you some real estate. though, the these verses may have been written within a ten-minute time-frame, “Wobble Up” is a harmless bit of hedonistic fun, gift-wrapped for the clubs with star power to match.

Notable Lyrics

Wobble on the D, gobble up, gobble—gobble up
Players hard to love, cookie cold, better bundle up
All them other dudes had their chance, now they out of luck
When I bust a nut, I don’t never wanna cuddle, no
I went to the club, and guess who I seen?
A motherfucker that been stuntin’ on me
I tote one of the macs and back the thing out
Ain’t showin’ off my jewels, but shots gon’ ring out

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