Gucci Mane New Release “Love Thru The Computer” Ft. Justin Bieber

Gucci Mane

This time Gucci Mane joined force with the Bieber for a rap-pop single called “Love Thru The Computer.” The single samples Zapp & Roger’s 1986 classic hit “Computer Love,” and on the track, Gucci Mane raps about searching for his “Mrs. Perfect.” He opens by talking about being behind bars while thinking about scheming once he was released, but then while flipping through a magazine he came across a woman that he needed to be with.

Justin Bieber does what he’s known for by adding his autotuned vocals into the mix as he sings about hooking-up with a woman through a laptop. The light-hearted, bounce-influenced single is a crossover that both artists’ fans can enjoy. It’s safe to assume that the only love, computer or otherwise, that Gucci Mane has been receiving has been with his wife Keyshia Ka’Oir. The hip hop couple can’t help but share their happily in love status on social media as they are not shy about showing off their affections. Check out Gucci and Justin Bieber’s collaboration and let us know what you think.

Notable Lyrics

Lookin’ through this magazine, she was so fine
Pretty brown, black b*tch with a draft pick
High, yellow thick chick with an accent (Yellow)
I told her, I ain’t ever seen another cuter (No)
Good brain, she don’t even need a tutor (Wow)

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