Haiti Babii “Warrior” Album Featuring Philthy Rich & Others


These days just one single nice shot is enough leverage to catstardom. However, results varies, but such isapult one into super the volatile and fleeting nature of fame.

This weekend, a particular clip just surfaced on the Internet and in a matter of days, it’s begun to spark of a conversation of its own. It’s Stockton-bred rapper Haiti Babii who’s stirred things up with his freestyle during Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed’s show on Real 92.3.


Utilizing full sound effects and unrelenting ad-libs, the response to Haiti Babii’s recent appearance has one of much confusion and leaves listeners with a certain curiosity that leads us here: to the rapper’s most recent Warrior album release. Arriving at the end of last month, it seems that such an opportune appearance was not by chance.

“I want to keep it authentic. Original. All over the place. So, people can learn to keep their mind free of thought,” was Haiti Babii’s explaining his freestyle to us. It certainly leaves us wondering whether or not such a lack of construct bleeds into his work in the studio work and to answer the question, he presents us with Warrior. Recruiting the likes of Philthy Rich, D-Lo, Daboii, and ALLBLACK, Haiti takes on a varying road or nine total tracks and doesn’t mind making a little noise while doing so.

Check the album out below.

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