Juice WRLD Tags Along Benny Blanco For “Graduation” Release

Juice WRLD

Possibly, pop music will lose its originality, instead falling back to that old safety net. Benny Blanco & Juice WRLD have showed it to us countless times, like in “Graduation,” they continues the trend once more. This time, the track borrows the melody and lyrics from the iconic high-school anthem, the likes of which may very well be ingrained in your brain: “as we go on we remember all the times we spent together,” and so on. Hardly a benchmark in originality, but to be fair, the track remains sonically fresh enough to pull it off convincingly enough.

Although, the role of Valedictorian have always been for Juice WRLD, deemed most likely to freestyle for six hours straight. In many ways, he seems like the perfect spokesman for high-school angst; his voice is capable of conveying a glorious emo sensibility, the likes of which 2008 skinny-jean-clad mascara-wearing young men might have fought and even killed for. Here, he makes do with what he’s given, hardly applying himself but ably coasting nonetheless. But let’s be honest, kids – it’s the only way to do it.

Few Lyrics

I’m information leaker, had a crush on one of my teachers
Used to fantasize, makin’ love with her behind the bleachers
And to all the people who ain’t like me, I ain’t like me either

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