Knoxxy Newly Released “D. D. G. K” Album


DVMN PIGEON brand co-founder Eddy Knoxxy newly released her latest effort DVMN drevmer in the GRVY of KESWiCK or DDGK, the album comprises of a 17-track project described as having a “rock-trap sound.” The album is came in three different sections, taking her listeners on a sonic like journey that is mimicking the stages of an unhealthy relationship. It moves from the initial honeymoon period onto the “love-hate rollercoaster” before finally entering into the inevitable demise.

Meanwhile, Knoxxy is officially doing rap songs, it’s clear that she doesn’t want to be compartmentalized. She’s previously told AZ Mag that she’s influenced by “f*cking everything” while mentioning a few of the artists that she grew up listening to. “My dad listened to people like Jill Scott, Music Soulchild and a whole bunch of jazz sh*t and Earth Wind and Fire. My mom is white so she listened to David Bowie, but I listen to a lot of music; Fleet Wood Mac, Amy Winehouse I love Nirvana and Jay Z. Everything but country and heavy metal, I can’t.”

DDGK project also has a good collaboration of various artists like PoonDaGoon, Muggz Logan, Dialate, and Llaves. Make sure to also check out Knoxxy’s feature on rapper Siya’s recently released 4B4 mixtape.

Peep into the tracklist

1. DVMN ft. JQ Jack
2. Drevmer
3. DVM PIGEON ft. PoonDaGoon
4. Thot-O-Ratie
5. Clout Drought ft. Muggz Logan
6. Elmira
7. Grvy
8. Nip-Chuck ft. Dialate
9. I’m Yourz
10. Want
11. Fishy S**t ft. Muggz Logan
13. Love Who?
15. FiRE ft. Dialate
17. PURGE ft. Llaves

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