Labrinth, Diplo & Sia Finally Releases Official “LSD” Album


The intelligent incredible-group of LSD, consisting of artists such as Labrinth, Sia and producer Diplo, They’ve finally delivered their debut project Labrinth, Sia & Diplo Present LSD.

This new project is preceded by a long fruitful line of tracks that include solid hits such as “Thunderclouds,” “Genius,” and even a Lil Wayne-assisted remix. Lil Wayne’s appearance added magic in the 10-track debut. However, it’s a refreshingly cool effort featuring some of music’s most prolific hitmakers, well-documented for their careers at the forefront and their amazing talents in the background.

“When we got the chance to do LSD, we jumped at it, and it’s one of the most creative projects I’ve been involved in,” Labrinth initially told The Rolling Stone of the project. “We dress up in crazy outfits, mess around with Sgt. Pepper’s-esque visuals; we’ve created animations for the band. You can be ballsy and be out there. It feels like you’re not the frontman, so it allows us to go as crazy and as fucked up as we want to go. And that works for us” he added.

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