Logic & Eminem “Homicide” Single – Just Too Hot


Logic teamed up with Eminem to release “Homicide,” and it just arrived in selected international markets. The instrumental giving a simmering tone tension, allowing Logic to set the pace with a running flow, sounding effortless as he flexes his technical prowess. It’s likely that many have already prematurely predicted “lyrical miracles” on this go-around, yet Bobby Tarantino still allows himself to have a room for a playful streak. It’s very visible that there’s a sort of healthy competition transpiring, as both aspire to reach the upper echelon of their craft, holding shared values and principles.

Eminem does what he’s known for by matching Logic’s energy and then some, weaving impressive double-time schemes laced with homages to former collaborator Jay-Z, with whom he once traded bars on “Renegade.” The post-Kamikaze venom still lingers, as Eminem’s tirade picks up whirlwind momentum; the same targets are once again shown no mercy, particularly those who rely on ghostwriters to pen their bars.

With his ears open (“you couldn’t hold a candle at a prayer vigil”) though at this point, Eminem has become somewhat of a divisive artist and unlikely to convert the skeptics. Still, he’s comfortably in his element on “Homicide,” finding himself a lyrical sparring partner and indulging in a bit of Chris D’Elia inspired self-deprecation.

Few Lyrics

With so many foul lines, you think I’m a free throw
Figured it was about time for people to eat crow
You about to get out-rhymed, how could I be dethroned?
I stay on my toes like the repo, a behemoth in sheep clothes
From the East Coast to the West, I’m the ethos and I’m the G.O.A.T
Who the best, I don’t gotta say a fuckin’ thing, though
‘Cause MCs know
But you don’t wanna hear me spit the facts
Your shit is ass like a tailbone
Or you’re trapped in your cell phone
Or my chicken scratch, or my self-loathe
I don’t want to fuckin’ listen to you spit your raps someone else wrote

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