Miguel Gives Us an EP In a Spanish Language “Te Lo Dije” Flex


Miguel was quit clear when he told concertgoers at “Made in America” that he’s working on retracing his mixed heritage. On the new Te Lo Dije EP, the 33-year-old babyface reimagines 5 of his best songs from the War & Leisure LP.

However, he doesn’t want to complicate the process by writing intersecting parts into each song, instead he just translated them into his father’s mother tongue: “Criminal,” “Banana Clip,” “Sky Walker,” and, “Told You So” make up 4 out of 5 submissions, while the other is a Kali Uchis duet that was predominantly worded in Spanish, right from the start.

The 33 year old reclaming project is quit different from anything Uchis would have done on her own accord. Where Kali opts to shed the constructs of her Colombian ancestry, Miguel does the very opposite. Well, he came up with a deeply-rooted project that hearkens back to a trip Miguel in 2017 when he met his father’s familia for the very first time.


1. Criminal (Spanish Version) (Ft. C. Tangana)
2. Banana Clip (Spanish Version)
3. Sky Walker (Spanish Version)
4. Carmelo Duro (Spanish Version) (Ft. Kali Uchis)
5. Te Lo Dije (Spanish Version) (Ft. Flor de Toloache)

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