NFL’S Jalen Mills Apologizes For Fight With NBA Player says ‘Will Not Happen Again’

jalen mills

The Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Jalen Mills has apologized after for fighting an NBA player in the streets of Washington D.C being arrested.He promised that such thing won’t repeat itself.

The NFL player got arrested in the early hours of Saturday morning after cops said he beat up Washington Wizards player Devin Robinson outside Opera Ultra Lounge.

FYI, Mills is 6’0″, 191 pounds Robinson is 6’8″, 200 pounds.

Cops confirmed that Robinson is being transported to a nearby hospital to be treated for injuries suffered in the brawl. The Wizards have said they will be parting ways with Robinson.

Now, Mills is breaking his silence on the incident saying, “In response to the events that took place last weekend, I want to sincerely apologize to the Philadelphia Eagles organization, my coaches, teammates and my fans.”

One person is notably missing from apology list is DEVIN ROBINSON the victim himself!!!!!

Still, Mills says to his fans, “I can assure you this will not happen again.”

After the occurrence of the incident, the Eagles issued a statement saying they’re aware of the situation and looking to get more information. So far, they have not said if Mills will be punished by the team but it seems likely.

As for Robinson, details about his injuries and current condition are yet to be ascertained.

Mills was a key part of the Eagles’ 2017 Super Bowl team and had 9 tackles in the big game.

He started at corner in 2018 but suffered a foot injury which sidelined him for the 2nd half of the season.

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