Nicole Murphy Shaded By K. Michelle For Kissing A Married Man: “You’re Disgusting”

Nicole Murphy

Nicole Murphy paid a recent  visit to The Wendy Williams Show to spit out her truth on the time she got caught kissing Antoine Fuqua who is married to Lela Rochon. They were both spotted making out in Italy earlier in the summer and Nicole Murphy didn’t waste time to apologize, claiming that she and the famed director were family friends. After she apologized for a second time on the Wendy show (where she got grilled for her actions) the internet followed-up by embarrassing her all while Antoine’s wife remained quiet on the matter.

However, K. Michelle has now responded to the situation during a visit to Atlanta’s V-103’s The Morning Culture and she didn’t spare any feelings in her opinion.

“I can’t stand women like that,” she said. “Nicole Murphy you’re disgusting. You sat on that couch and you laughed. This ain’t no moment, it’s a mess. You wrong for that. You the type of woman that let these men be evil. They gotta have some help, and women like you are that type of help. That lady’s at home, married with her kids and you know this. It don’t matter what he told you. men lie, that’s what they do.”

K. Michelle continued her shading of Nicole for embarrassing another black woman “in front of the world” and then making a talk show appearance.

“You should be under a rock hiding, girl. You was still up there lying and you laughing and you do it to a lot of people you have a daughter, ma’am,” she added.

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