Palindrome Week: 10 days From Now, Every Day Reads The Same Forward Or Backwards


Few Days from now we will be experiencing a Palindrome week. A calendar quirk means there is something unique about the 10 days.

Starting from today being Tuesday, the dates on the calendar look the same whether you’re reading upwards or downwards. From Sept. 10 through Sept. 19, the dates are:

For ten days starting Today, you’re going to notice that the dates on the calendar are going to look the same forward and backward. It’s Palindrome Week (OK, it’s really a week-and-a-half).

9-10-19 (91019)

9-11-19 (91119)

9-12-19 (91219)

9-13-19 (91319)

9-14-19 (91419)

9-15-19 (91519)

9-16-19 (91619)

9-17-19 (91719)

9-18-19 (91819)

9-19-19 (91919)

According to, although, there’s a flaw in the formula.

“For instance, September 10, 2019 or 9-10-19 is only a palindromic date in the m-dd-yy format, but it isn’t if you write the date as mm-dd-yyyy (09-10-2019); as dd-mm-yyyy (10-09-2019) or as yyyy-mm-dd (2019-09-10),” the website said.

While the quirk is neat, it’s not that rare. According to TimeandDate, every year since 2011 has had 10 consecutive Palindrome Days.

“As long as you write your date in the m-dd-yy format, every century has 9 years with 10 Palindrome Days in a row. These years are always in the second decade of the century. For example, every year between 2011-2019, 2111-2119, and 2211-2219 will have 10 consecutive Palindrome Days. This is true for previous centuries as well,” the website said.

It gets even trickier if your date is written in the mm-dd-yyyy format. In that case, there are only 12 palindrome days in the entire 21st century, with the next one falling on February 2, 2020, or 02-02-2020.

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