Roddy Ricch Drops “Cut These Demons Off” Single

Roddy Ricch

It kinda seems like fans are about to lose it as they patiently waits for a new project from Roddy Ricch. The Compton rapper become a voice for the streets that’s climbed the ranks, earning respect of big names ranging from the likes of Meek Mill, Drake and others. As he keeps building the anticipation for Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial, the rapper came through with his new single, “Cut These Demons Off.” Roddy shares details from his childhood that’s contributed to the mental health issues he suffers today. “I was sleepin’ in the projects, goin’ asleep to them sirens/ Lost my n***a to a high-speed chase, traumatizin’,” he slowly sings the hook before detailing the paranoia from his inner demons as well as external forces in his life.

Roddy Ricch first mentioned the title to his debut album last month after ComplexCon, however, he hasn’t given details of when the project will be released. “Cut These Demons Off” is one of the few singles we’ve received from Roddy Ricch this year. It follows “Out Tha Mud” which he delivered this past spring.

Few Lyrics

We tryna make the cornbread like it’s Jiffy, Jiffy
My bitch got rose stones on her neck like she Nefertiti
N***as talkin’ down on me, fuck the chatter
Realest n***as in the city, they mad at us
These n***as gon’ politic on me just to get their status up


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