Skepta “Glow in the Dark” Ft WizKid & Lay-Z


Skepta recent collaboration with Lay-Z and WizKid on for size. “Glow in the Dark,” like many of the songs on Ignorance is Bliss, isn’t particularly difficult to deconstruct.

What comes to mind with respect to Skepta’s DIY practices is that of a person that have devoted real time in listening to their coach’s every instruction. When said coach leaves his disciples for an incentivized retirement, only the sponge-like Skepta is able to sustain himself. The rest of the peons slip through the cracks.

The featured artists in “Glow in the Dark” are also deserving of praise. Lay-Z’s refrain is pretty soft on the ears, there’s no denying it. He and WizKid kind of swap places at one point without notifying the audience.


I knew what it was to be black way before I was on the GQ cover
How you gonna question me about colour?
What you know about Nelson Mandela?
Man, I get anti as ever
Yeah, I can do serious, I can do mean
Tell a supremacist that I’m supreme.

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