Snap Dogg Throws A Aim At 6ix9ine On “Tekashi”

snap dogg

Snap Dogg returns with a warning for the under age: don’t snitch he warns. Tekashi 6ix9ine is continuously portraying himself as a big, bad gangsta that can’t be touched whether it’s in his hometown of New York or in Los Angeles. When in-fact, it’s just a mouth talk. Tekashi broke the number one code of the streets by snitching on his co-defendants in the federal racketeering case. Now, Snap Dogg releases a new diss track towards the rainbow-haired rapper titled, “Tekashi.”

Snap Dogg returns with his latest diss track, “Tekashi.” The rapper’s latest track takes aim at Tekashi 6ix9ine while speaking on the realities of the streets.

“Dis record is fa the young boyz who look up to rappers and follow them,” he wrote about the song on Instagram. “Understand dis ain’t a game Rappers a fake they life and not understand how to handle it when it get hot bee who u are whoever dat may be but keep it real wit yo self and streets a keep a real wit u don’t put yo self in situation u can’t handle trying to be something u ain’t” Snap added.


Fuck computers, I’m a soldier
When you see me, then salute me
Boy a bitch, just be chalkin’
When I see him, I’ma shoot ’em

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