Sniper Gang’s Jackboy Drops Off “Wow Wow Wow”

Sniper Gang's Jackboy Drops Off "Wow Wow Wow"

Kodak Black have been making great impacts in the industry lately and they really haven’t been for anything positive. Unfortunately, it seems like his actions affected his music in a way including  songs from artists under his wing. Jackboy is an undeniable notable character among the members of Sniper Gang. He’s been steadily releasing music and collaborating with Kodak as well as other artists in the game. Today, he returns with his new track, “Wow Wow Wow.”

Jackboy is back with his new track, “Wow Wow Wow.” The rapper’s latest track is a solid-beating banger that finds him enjoying his syrupy vocals over bass-heavy production. “Wow Wow Wow” is infectious as much as it is hard-hitting.

Flex Jackboy’s new song below and keep your eyes open for more new music from him.

Notable Lyrics

I got it right now
LOL to the bank, I laugh at you clowns
N***as made me mad, you countin’ me out
Shot there when I see you, I’m gunnin’ you downK


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