The Alchemist “Rapper’s Best Friend Pt. 5” Probably Gonna Put In The Mood

The Alchemist

On Rapper’s Best Friend Pt. 5, The Alchemist keeps up the tradition of re-setting the scene for a captious New York City overrun by voyeurs, stick-up artists, and chiseled jawlines. If any track among the 12 tracks seem have the quality of ubiquity or sounding familiar, It’s because the tracks consist of only instrumentals Alchemist delivered his inner-circle of rapper-friends, a list that includes such knaves as Westside Gunn, MF DOOM, Benny the Butcher, Evidence, Sean Price, Mach-Hommy, and Conway. Bear in mind, listening to the bare stencils is a different experience altogether.

Rapper’s Best Friend Pt. 5 Tracklist

1. 2Stings
2. Warning Shot
3. Broken Bottles
4. Fuck & Get High
5. Sell Me This Pen
6. Brossface Brippler
7. 224 May Block
8. Imperius Rex
9. Love Is a FunnyThing
11. Canary Rhombus
12. Rubber Bands & Weight

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