The Reasons Behind Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Breakup


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott just called it a quit with their marriage, and it wasn’t because of a cheating scandal or a blowup fight. I think they lost it along the way.

We learnt that their decision to break things off came weeks ago, after a very long honeymoon phase that was full of love, touring, going on vacations and of course raising their daughter, Stormi, together.

News got to us  that after Travis’ “Astroworld” tour wrapped up and the two got back from Kylie’s lavish bday getaway, everything slowed down and they were confronted by the grind of normal life … and things felt different between them.

We learnt that Kylie and Travis tried to work it out for a while  including around the time she accompanied him to his ‘Look Mom I Can Fly’ documentary premiere in Santa Monica on Aug. 27 — but couldn’t make it happen.

Meanwhile, the couple calling it quits,  either temporarily or for good doesn’t mean they’ll be running to their lawyers to work out a custody arrangement for Stormi. That’s not just the style of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters.

However, early this year, Kylie and Trav survived a rough patch when she accused him of cheating, although he denied it.

Things look a little more severe this time though, Kylie just attended the Biebers’ wedding without him and appeared to really enjoy herself.

Travis, meanwhile, he’s working on a new single scheduled to drop on Friday, but we’re told the timing of the breakup news is simply a coincidence.

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