Tory Lanez “Broke Leg” Ft Quavo & Tyga


Tory Lanez promised that he would be taking over the music industry this year. Last year, he dropped a couple of new albums, blessing us with Memories Don’t Die and Love Me Now and we know that the Toronto artist is planning on delivering a flurry of mixtapes on us soon. Everything got pushed back when his label asked him to prioritize his upcoming single with Quavo and Tyga but it feels like they made the right decision because now that the track is finally here, we can confirm that it’s a banger.

Lanez recently said that once “Broke Leg” is released, he would be going crazy on the releases. There will be no holding back Fargo. Today, he delivered the new track, getting some help from Tyga and Quavo on the strip club anthem. Out now in select international markets and available to be previewed worldwide, “Broke Leg” will be out today and it contains just as much fire as we had hoped. Playing off a few famous flows, the trio comes through with some magic.

Now that this is out of the way, we can expect Lanez to commence his summer takeover in no time. Between his all-Spanish album, a new Chixtape and another compilation from New Toronto, he’s got this on lock.

Notable Lyrics:

Got you hooked on the sale, think I’m pimpin’ for real
And these bitches love me, ’cause I ain’t kissin’ and tell
If I ever make a wish, I ain’t wishin’ ’em well
Sold your soul for some clout, you ain’t never gon’ sell

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