Tyga Drops “Goddamn” Single


Just as Tiger Woods is taking home the Green Jacket for the fifth time, The former Young Money member has added yet another a banger to his resume. west coast rapper Tyga teamed up with D.A. Doman for that dope, Tyga uses a high tempo driven banger; the drift picks up where “Dip” left off, with more a generalized focus this time around. meanwhile, it is one of those very strong instrumentals, and will possibly live into the summer months.

Lyrically, Tyga have never disappointed.The symptom of a DM inbox stuffed with twerk videos ad-infinitum. Painted a picture of his sun-drenched sexcapades, T-Raww spits masterfully over Doman’s regal string arrangement, riding the beat with a sharpened flow not altogether present on previous bangers. It is very clear that Tyga and D.A. have stumbled upon an elixir of sorts, and it is possible that they are wlling to keep the consistency coming. Hopefully “Goddamn” may be their starting point.

Flex “Goddamn” Lyrics Below

Goddamn, you n***as ain’t worthy
She gon’ kiss on my dick like a Hershey
Put it so deep, she like baby don’t hurt me
Fu*kin rappers and athletes she need a jersey
Always in the club I can’t love her cause she thirsty
And I’m watching everything see them n***as lurking

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