Waka Flocka “Salute Me Or Shoot Me 6” Mixtape


Not quit long after the shooting took place at his recording studio, Waka Flocka Flame back to the game in style blessing his fans with some new music. Today marks the arrival of the sixth installment of Waka’s Salute Me Or Shoot Me, a title that has since developed macabre undertones. Yet, Flocka may have lost little of his luster on this go-around, a fact emphasized by the project’s opening cut “I Remember.” Taking to a solid-beat instrumental from producer Lex Luger, Waka Flocka jumps into it, exuding menace and drowning his audience in a very strong ad-libs.

His vibe continues across, as Flocka lines his work with a variety of bangers. Loudeine-assisted “Long Live The King” finds Flocka flexing over a minimalist 808-based production, while the sitar-driven “Lock Rags” adds a welcome tonality to the oft-intense tape. With features from Comethazine, La4ss, Loudeine, and Lotto Savage, Salute Me Or Shoot Me 6 is a reminder that Waka Flocka’s boundless energy has yet to tire. In fact, it may very well mark his finest hour in a minute.

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