Wiz Khalifa Releases “Presidential Smoke”

Chevy Woods

Wiz Khalifa continues to unleash his power of freestyle as he keeps on releasing new song every day. The rapper’s essentially dropped a new song every day for the past week. It’s unsure why he decided to unleash all of this music but, who’s complaining? The rapper touched down on his new single, “Presidential Smoke” earlier yesterday. Wiz delivers another smokers anthem with this one but it also sounds like the closest he’s been to his mixtape days in a while. The signature “Okaay” adlib opens up the track before Wiz Khalifa dives into hazy production and details the laid back stoner lifestyle.

Khalifa could’ve essentially dropped a little mixtape with all the music he’s released lately. Whether he’ll release a new project soon is still unclear but enjoy these daily drops while you can.

Few Lyrics

The cheddar breed better weed
McQueen instead of Hennessy
And bad bitches in my bed
Eatin’ where they do the dishes at
That’s called the mafia table, how these other n***as livin’?
And thug now, but they was trippin’
As long as my ’64 tippin’ and I keep kush bud trimmin’

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